CPAN Pull Request Challenge: October assignments

Generated 2018-12-13 14:38:45 UTC

This is the list of CPAN distributions that have been assigned for October 2018. You can sort on any of the columns — just click on the header, then click again to sort the other way. If you see your name here and don't want to be listed, just email me.

14 / 14 complete = 100.0%

Done?Pull crew memberCPAN DistLast released byGithub repoPull requests
yanick Module-Version XSAWYERX xsawyerx/module-version /pull/8
zakame Net-SMTP-TLS-ButMaintained FAYLAND fayland/Net-SMTP-TLS /pull/4
manwar Term-Clui PLICEASE plicease/Term-Clui /pull/5
ZipRecruiter Pod-Weaver RJBS rjbs/Pod-Weaver
jj Error SHLOMIF shlomif/error
cv-library LWP-Authen-OAuth2 DOMM domm/perl-oauth2
HaraldJoerg Org-To-HTML PERLANCAR perlancar/perl-Org-To-HTML /pull/3
kyzn Data-DPath SCHWIGON renormalist/data-dpath /pull/20
shlomif URI-Title BOOK book/URI-Title /pull/3
paultcochrane Facebook-Graph RIZEN rizen/Facebook-Graph /pull/75
choroba Time-Warp MANWAR manwar/Time-Warp /pull/5
jjatria Template-AutoFilter MITHALDU wchristian/Template-AutoFilter /pull/7
jluis Web-Query YANICK tokuhirom/Web-Query /pull/53
s-nez Number-Fraction DAVECROSS p5-number-fraction/number-fraction /pull/3