CPAN Pull Request Challenge: June assignments

Generated 2018-12-13 14:37:56 UTC

This is the list of CPAN distributions that have been assigned for June 2018. You can sort on any of the columns — just click on the header, then click again to sort the other way. If you see your name here and don't want to be listed, just email me.

11 / 11 complete = 100.0%

Done?Pull crew memberCPAN DistLast released byGithub repoPull requests
manwar Module-Package INGY ingydotnet/module-package-pm /pull/2
soren WWW-Google-Time ZOFFIX zoffixznet/www-google-time /pull/4
yanick Alien-Thrust FRACTAL hoytech/Alien-Thrust /pull/4
openstrike Perl-Critic-OTRS RENEEB reneeb/Perl-Critic-OTRS /pull/9
zakame SVN-Notify MPGHF theory/svn-notify /pull/21
paultcochrane CPAN-Mini-Webserver MITHALDU wchristian/cpan-mini-webserver /pull/7
HaraldJoerg Fennec EXODIST exodist/Fennec /pull/108
choroba String-CRC32 LEEJO leejo/string-crc32 /pull/2
jj Continuity AWWAIID awwaiid/continuity /pull/6
shlomif Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReadmeFromPod RRWO fayland/dist-zilla-plugin-readmefrompod /pull/8
jjatria Params-Validate-Dependencies DCANTRELL DrHyde/perl-modules-Params-Validate-Dependencies /pull/10