CPAN Pull Request Challenge: August assignments

Generated 2018-12-13 14:38:23 UTC

This is the list of CPAN distributions that have been assigned for August 2018. You can sort on any of the columns — just click on the header, then click again to sort the other way. If you see your name here and don't want to be listed, just email me.

11 / 11 complete = 100.0%

Done?Pull crew memberCPAN DistLast released byGithub repoPull requests
yanick Net-Amazon-S3 LLAP rustyconover/net-amazon-s3 /pull/36
paultcochrane Tcl-Tk VKON vadrer/perl-tcl-tk /pull/30
jj Config-AutoConf REHSACK ambs/Config-AutoConf /pull/16
s-nez Data-Sah PERLANCAR perlancar/perl-Data-Sah /pull/5
HaraldJoerg Test-VCR-LWP CREIN creinhardt/perl-Test-VCR-LWP /pull/1
zakame Date-Easy BAREFOOT barefootcoder/date-easy /pull/11
shlomif Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Pod-Spiffy ZOFFIX zoffixznet/dist-zilla-plugin-pod-spiffy /pull/11
manwar Beam-Wire PREACTION preaction/Beam-Wire /pull/67
cv-library Net-Works MAXMIND maxmind/Net-Works
kyzn Text-CSV ISHIGAKI makamaka/Text-CSV /pull/38
choroba RRDTool-OO MSCHILLI mschilli/rrdtool-oo-perl /pull/4