CPAN Pull Request Challenge: September assignments

Generated 2018-01-10 11:20:07 UTC

This is the list of CPAN distributions that have been assigned for September 2017. You can sort on any of the columns — just click on the header, then click again to sort the other way. If you see your name here and don't want to be listed, just email me.

12 / 14 complete = 85.7%

Done?Pull crew memberCPAN DistLast released byGithub repoPull requests
lancew Alien-Build PLICEASE Perl5-Alien/Alien-Build /pull/38
lharey MOP STEVAN stevan/p5-MOP /pull/23
simbabque CPAN-Mini-Inject MITHALDU AndyA/CPAN--Mini--Inject /pull/25
openstrike Web-Machine DROLSKY houseabsolute/webmachine-perl /pull/37
paultcochrane Pod-POM-Web DAMI damil/Pod-POM-Web /pull/20
Adestra Config-AutoConf REHSACK ambs/Config-AutoConf
shlomif DBIx-Class-DateTime-Epoch BRICAS bricas/dbix-class-datetime-epoch /pull/6
yanick Sub-WrapPackages DCANTRELL DrHyde/perl-modules-Sub-WrapPackages /pull/2
genio Business-PayPal SZABGAB szabgab/Business-PayPal
cv-library Dancer-Plugin-DBIC IRONCAMEL ironcamel/Dancer-Plugin-DBIC
jj Net-Twitter MMIMS semifor/Net-Twitter /pull/79
manwar Protocol-HTTP2 CRUX vlet/p5-Protocol-HTTP2 /pull/6
jjatria Mojolicious-Plugin-Angular-MaterialDesign MUDLER mudler/Mojolicious-Plugin-Angular-MaterialDesign /pull/3
choroba Test-Manifest BDFOY briandfoy/test-manifest /pull/4