CPAN Pull Request Challenge: July 2015 assignments

Generated 2016-01-05 22:25:56 UTC

This is the list of CPAN distributions that have been assigned for July 2015. You can sort on any of the columns — just click on the header, then click again to sort the other way. If you see your name here and don't want to be listed, just email me.

44 / 44 complete = 100.0%

Done?Pull crew memberCPAN DistLast released byGithub repoPull requests
thrig ExtUtils-MakeMaker BINGOS Perl-Toolchain-Gang/ExtUtils-MakeMaker /pull/227
jamessan Template-Flute HORNBURG racke/Template-Flute
leejo perl5i MSCHWERN evalEmpire/perl5i/tree/master /pull/290
dionys Poet JSWARTZ jonswar/perl-poet /pull/11
tudorconstantin Archive-Tar-Wrapper MSCHILLI mschilli/archive-tar-wrapper-perl /pull/9
Viviparous Mongoose DIEGOK rodrigolive/mongoose /pull/41
mjg17 Cache-Memcached-AnyEvent DMAKI lestrrat/Cache-Memcached-AnyEvent /pull/5
SkySymbol MooX-Struct TOBYINK tobyink/p5-moox-struct /pull/1
choroba DBIx-Class-EasyFixture OVID Ovid/dbix-class-easyfixture /pull/9
bk Net-SSH2 SALVA rkitover/net-ssh2 /pull/24
jluis HTML-FormHandler GSHANK gshank/html-formhandler /pull/103
1nickt Net-XMPP PSIXDISTS dap/Net-XMPP
lejeunerenard Data-Frame ZMUGHAL zmughal/p5-Data-Frame /pull/21
garu WWW-Facebook-API UNOBE unobe/perl-wfa /pull/4
andyjack Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate SZABGAB szabgab/Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate /pull/10
openstrike Authen-SASL GBARR gbarr/perl-authen-sasl /pull/6
bentglasstube Spreadsheet-Read HMBRAND Tux/Spreadsheet-Read /pull/6
labrown Email-MIME PSIXDISTS rjbs/Email-MIME /pull/25
mishin Data-MessagePack SYOHEX msgpack/msgpack-perl /pull/19
paultcochrane Device-Gsm COSIMO cosimo/perl5-device-gsm /pull/15
rjbs Test-Exception EXODIST Test-More/test-exception /pull/10
ambs Data-Dump PSIXDISTS gisle/data-dump /pull/14
manwar DBIx-Class-Helpers FREW frioux/DBIx-Class-Helpers /pull/50
cakirke Tie-DBI TODDR toddr/Tie-DBI /pull/3
trwww constant-tiny SAPER maddingue/constant-tiny /pull/3
yanick Catmandu-OAI HOCHSTEN LibreCat/Catmandu-OAI /pull/8
joenio cpan-outdated TOKUHIROM tokuhirom/cpan-outdated /pull/30
Sweet-kid JSON-SL MNUNBERG mnunberg/perl-JSON-SL /pull/3
kappa Encode PSIXDISTS dankogai/p5-encode /pull/41
brainbuz URI ETHER libwww-perl/uri /pull/27
veryrusty Proc-ProcessTable JWB jwbargsten/perl-proc-processtable /pull/12
zhouzhen1 libnet SHAY steve-m-hay/perl-libnet /pull/19
shlomif Net-Ping-External CHORNY chorny/Net-Ping-External /pull/4
brianmed HTML-Tree CJM madsen/HTML-Tree /pull/6
oalders Perl-Critic THALJEF Perl-Critic/Perl-Critic /pull/644
doyleyoung MojoMojo MRAMBERG mojomojo/mojomojo /pull/140
monsieurp CPAN-Reporter DAGOLDEN cpan-testers/CPAN-Reporter /pull/27
neilb Test-Mini NEILB pvande/Test-Mini /pull/16
gh0stwizard Net-SSH-Perl SCHWIGON renormalist/Net-SSH-Perl /pull/5
laouji Vimana CORNELIUS c9s/Vimana /pull/20
pauloscustodio Gedcom PJCJ pjcj/ /pull/9
jacoby App-perlbrew GUGOD gugod/App-perlbrew /pull/477
ratcristian AnyEvent-JSONRPC PMAKHOLM pmakholm/anyevent-jsonrpc-perl /pull/5
zoffixznet Daemon-Control SYMKAT symkat/Daemon-Control /pull/83