CPAN Pull Request Challenge: December 2015 assignments

Generated 2016-01-05 22:28:17 UTC

This is the list of CPAN distributions that have been assigned for December 2015. You can sort on any of the columns — just click on the header, then click again to sort the other way. If you see your name here and don't want to be listed, just email me.

53 / 63 complete = 84.1%

Done?Pull crew memberCPAN DistLast released byGithub repoPull requests
jacoby libwww-perl CAPOEIRAB libwww-perl/libwww-perl
yanick Net-SSH-Perl SCHWIGON renormalist/Net-SSH-Perl /pull/9
bpa Finance-Quote ECOCODE finance-quote/finance-quote /pull/36
rvandam IPC-Run TODDR toddr/IPC-Run
oeuftete SOAP-Lite PHRED ssh://
turnstep MojoMojo MRAMBERG mojomojo/mojomojo
mbeijen PDF-API2 SSIMMS ssimms/pdfapi2 /pull/2
andyjack Enbugger JJORE jbenjore/enbugger /pull/12
Jayceh TermReadKey JSTOWE jonathanstowe/TermReadKey /pull/12
srvsh RT-Client-REST SRVSH RT-Client-REST/RT-Client-REST /pull/7
gjtorikian AnyEvent-Gearman MELO melo/anyevent-gearman-perl /pull/4
estrabd POE-Component-MessageQueue IRONCAMEL ironcamel/POE-Component-MessageQueue
athos-ribeiro Git-PurePerl PSIXDISTS broquaint/git-pureperl
MasterDuke17 Qudo NEKOKAK nekokak/qudo /pull/13
paultcochrane Barcode-DataMatrix MSTRAT mstratman/Barcode-DataMatrix /pull/28
bjakubski Corona MIYAGAWA miyagawa/Corona /pull/4
alabamapaul Plack-Middleware-File-Less NAOYA naoya/plack-middleware-file-less /pull/5
sjohnston Perl-Critic THALJEF Perl-Critic/Perl-Critic /pull/677
Tordek Devel-Cover PJCJ pjcj/Devel--Cover /pull/146
dams Dancer BIGPRESH PerlDancer/Dancer /pull/1143
daleevans libnet SHAY steve-m-hay/perl-libnet /pull/23
jluis Method-Signatures BAREFOOT schwern/method-signatures /pull/124
mjg17 XML-Twig MIROD mirod/xmltwig /pull/23
Varadinsky ack PETDANCE petdance/ack2 /pull/590
shlomif Scalar-List-Utils PEVANS Scalar-List-Utils/Scalar-List-Utils /pull/35
tynovsky GDGraph RUZ ruz/GDGraph /pull/7
alx542 Rex FERKI RexOps/Rex /pull/886
mcmillhj Module-Starter XSAWYERX xsawyerx/module-starter /pull/55
basbloemsaat Log-Log4perl MSCHILLI mschilli/log4perl /pull/71
leejo WWW-Curl SZBALINT szbalint/WWW--Curl /pull/13
brad-mac JavaScript-V8 DGL dgl/javascript-v8 /pull/17
SysPete DBIx-Class-Migration JJNAPIORK jjn1056/DBIx-Class-Migration /pull/68
neilb WWW-Wikipedia BRICAS edsu/www-wikipedia /pull/2
rpack78 WWW-Facebook-API UNOBE unobe/perl-wfa /pull/5
mnlagrasta Mongoose DIEGOK rodrigolive/mongoose /pull/46
elmerq HTML-Mason DROLSKY autarch/HTML-Mason
choroba Net-Stripe RCONOVER lukec/stripe-perl /pull/69
pauloscustodio Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate SZABGAB szabgab/Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate /pull/13
bk Reflex RCAPUTO rcaputo/reflex /pull/7
hatorikibble DBIx-Class-Fixtures SKAUFMAN dbsrgits/DBIx-Class-Fixtures /pull/8
lharey Net-Netmask MUIR muir/Net-Netmask /pull/6
manwar Net-Stripe RCONOVER lukec/stripe-perl /pull/68
jamessan Template-Semantic TOMITA tomi-ru/Template-Semantic /pull/15
ambs Box-Calc RIZEN rizen/Box-Calc /pull/13
Viviparous Test-HTTP-Server SPARKY sparky/perl-Test-HTTP-Server /pull/3
fluca1978 Parallel-Scoreboard KAZUHO kazuho/p5-Parallel-Scoreboard /pull/10
openstrike MooseX-Log-Log4perl LAMMEL lammel/moosex-log-log4perl /pull/5
SkySymbol Text-CSV PSIXDISTS makamaka/Text-CSV /pull/30
devogon Mouse SYOHEX gfx/p5-Mouse
garu DBM-Deep RKINYON robkinyon/dbm-deep /pull/16
zhouzhen1 Net-XMPP PSIXDISTS dap/Net-XMPP /pull/8
kaoru Net-Amazon BOUMENOT boumenot/p5-Net-Amazon
jberger MojoX-CPAN-Uploader YKO yko/mojox-cpan-uploader /pull/4
cakirke MooseX-Types-DateTime-ButMaintained ECARROLL EvanCarroll/mx-t-datetime-butmainted /pull/2
kappa Test-TinyMocker SUKRIA sukria/Test-TinyMocker /pull/10
doyleyoung Crypt-OpenSSL-VerifyX509 CHRISA chrisa/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-VerifyX509 /pull/1
thrig Module-ExtractUse DOMM domm/Module-ExtractUse /pull/13
dionys String-MkPasswd CGRAU sirhc/string-mkpasswd /pull/8
neybar Test-Database BOOK book/Test-Database /pull/2
itcharlie Attean GWILLIAMS kasei/attean
mishin File-Monitor ANDYA AndyA/File--Monitor /pull/3
davorg Test-DBIx-Class-Schema CHISEL chiselwright/test-dbix-class-schema /pull/15
monsieurp Array-Diff TYPESTER typester/array-diff-perl